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Value Added Services
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If you have a need for a service not listed here, do not hesitate to visit the Service Desk to make your request known.

Extra Disk Space Extra Disk Space - Price: $5/month per 100MB

You may add blocks of an additional 100 megabytes of disk space, up to an account maximum of 5,000 MB, to any full package hosted by FutureQuest, excluding High Capacity and MQS Packages.

This ability is useful for short periods of time or as a long-term solution to higher disk space requirements. Extra disk space is provided on a month-to-month basis with the ability to add or remove the extra disk space, as your site requires. To request extra disk space, simply visit the order forms to make the request and confirm the order. To remove extra disk space you need only visit the Service Desk to let us know you would like the extra disk space, as well as any future charges for it, removed.

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Extra Bandwidth Extra Bandwidth - Price: $2 per 1 GB

Some site owners have found themselves in the media spotlight resulting in mass public exposure of their web site, this is commonly referred to as the SlashDot Effect. The SlashDot Effect creates a higher demand for the contents of the web site and often times can be much more than was originally planned on. For most the need for extra bandwidth signals the need to upgrade to a higher package, which is usually the more economical solution. However for those sites that experience short-term surges in higher bandwidth usage (Specific tournament dates and/or media-rich news type of events) the option to purchase the extra bandwidth requirements is the best route to take.

Bandwidth is calculated from the 1st day of each month through the last day of each month. The majority of web sites hosted by FutureQuest do not go over the extremely generous bandwidth allocations FutureQuest provides. However, if the site does go over these limits then the extra bandwidth fees will be applied to the account on the 1st day of the month. Because FutureQuest provides daily statistics, at no extra charge, with each full package, you will always be able to monitor your bandwidth usage so there are no surprises.

Extra FTP Accounts Extra FTP Accounts - Price: $5/month per Account

Extra FTP accounts come in handy when more than one person is required to develop different areas of the web site, as a means of restricted access for IRMs, or as a way of offering an open FTP directory for your visitors to download or upload specific files. They can also be useful when you need to outsource some of your web site development work to a third party as you can provide them with FTP access without having to give them your main account login information.

Extra FTP accounts are able to be easily configured via the FTP Manager in the CNC where you will be able to restrict the FTP access to a specific area of your account and will be given the option of limiting the access to read-only or write-only.

Extra FTP accounts support the use of SFTP, which FutureQuest recommends using instead of FTP as it provides security that plain FTP does not provide.

All full packages include at least five extra FTP accounts. Additional FTP accounts, if needed, are available on a month-to-month basis and can be ordered through the order forms or through QuestAdmin. When you no longer need it, the removal of a VAS FTP account can be requested via the Service Desk.

With the extra FTP option you have the ability to offer others a way of accessing a specific area of your account without compromising the main account's password. When ordering an extra FTP account you will be able to specify a directory of your choice to restrict the account to.

For example: If you would like to allow visitors to upload files, you may select a username/password combination of Guest/Guest and restrict that access to http://www.example.com/GuestUploads/ or if you would like to enable your sales department to make edits to your products area but are not so sure it would be appropriate to allow them access to the rest of your site's content, you may restrict the extra FTP account to http://www.example.com/Sales/.

Note: The username for extra FTP accounts will have the VMIP- attached so it will look something like xdom-username.

Extra FTP accounts are also an excellent addition to IRMs when the one developing the IRM is not the same person that is responsible for the main account. If you have an IRM sharing your account you may want to consider an extra FTP account that is restricted to the IRM directory.

Extra FTP accounts are sold on a month-to-month basis making them a viable option for temporary access rights. This is useful for those times you may need to outsource some of your web site development work to a third party. It is often wise to provide that party with the restricted FTP access during their development time so your main account is not compromised. Once the work is completed simply visit the Service Desk to request the extra FTP account be removed.

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Extra POP EMail Accounts Extra POP EMail Accounts - Price: $5/month per 15 Accounts
While for the majority of FutureQuest Site Owners the multiple POP email accounts that are included, at no extra charge, with each full package is more than sufficient, some larger organizations require more POP email accounts to enable everyone within the organization a fully functional account for sending and receiving email associated with their organization's domain name.

With this option you may add as many extra POP email accounts (in blocks of 15) to your main package as required.

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Extra MySQL Databases Extra MySQL Databases - Price: $5/month per 5 Databases
Each full package that FutureQuest offers includes MySQL with at least one MySQL Database. This database can be used to hold many tables and therefore can handle several different scripts that require MySQL Services. Nevertheless, some Site Owners prefer to separate their various scripts into individual databases for a variety of reasons.

With this option you may add as many extra MySQL Databases (in blocks of 5) to your main package as required.

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MySQL Cross Connect MySQL Cross Connect - Price: $50 One-Time Setup Fee
As noted within the Terms of Service, only full packages that include MySQL Databases, as well as their IROs, are permitted to use the MySQL servers. Accounts are not permitted to access another account's MySQL databases unless the appropriate cross connect services are obtained.

Having a Cross Connection activated will permit two packages, that both include access to the MySQL servers, to share access from one of the account's MySQL services with the other.

To request a MySQL Cross Connection be setup, visit the Service Desk to explain your requirements and have the connection activated.

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External MySQL Connection External MySQL Connection - Price: Single IP $5/mo.

An External MySQL Connection falls under the category of "if you don't know what it is, you probably don't need it". It is something that is not required to use the MySQL servers provided by FutureQuest, and is more of a specialty offering.

An External MySQL Connection would allow for ODBC type connections as well as many other protocols types. ODBC stands for Open DataBase Connectivity, and is a protocol for connecting to remote data sources from a Windows machine. It requires the server to allow access from that remote location, and we only grant such access for a fee for security reasons.

By default, your MySQL server is only accessible from the machine holding your web site - but if you do your development work on your own machine and need to access your data via that external system, we need to grant access from your IP address. This helps to keep your data much more secure, allowing only access from your web server -- not even our other web servers are able to access your data. Note that all bandwidth used for an External MySQL Connection does count against the main package's bandwidth allotment.

To submit your request for an External MySQL Connection, please see the instructions at:
External MySQL Connection

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Extra Domains Extra Domains - Price: $20 One-Time Setup Fee Each
There are a variety of options for adding extra domains, whether for the same web site or for multiple web sites within the same account! For detailed information visit the page dedicated to the FutureQuest exclusive IRM and IROs by clicking here.

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Let's Encrypt Server Certificate Let's Encrypt Secure Server Certificate - Price: $20 One-Time Setup Fee
This is a low cost alternative to securing your own Secure Certificate. Letís Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA). It is a service provided by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).

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Private Secure Server Certificate Private Secure Server Certificate (Your Own Certificate) - Price: $30 One-Time Setup Fee
Having your own certificate installed enables your visitors the ability to confirm that your site is most likely being operated by the organization it claims to be, as well as giving you the ability to use your own domain name within the URLs to your secure area. By having your own certificate your secured URLs would look something like https://secure.example.com/

For more information on Secure Server Certificates, the pros and cons of such, and the costs involved, visit Knowledge Base and browse the e-commerce section. You will find some great information within the tutorials.

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Change Domain Name or Username Change Domain Name or Username - Price: (Optional) $50 One-Time Service Fee
There are two options available when a domain name and/or a username change is required.

  1. Let FutureQuest Do It For You - $50 Service Fee

    When you order a domain name and optional username change from FutureQuest we will leave all of your files in tact on the server and make the change almost transparently.


  2. Do It Yourself - No Service Fee

    To accomplish the task on your own you could request a new package (with the new domain name and a new username) by visiting the FutureQuest Order Forms. Once the new package has been activated you would then need to transfer all of your files to the new package so that it worked as desired. After the new package is functioning as you would like it to be, and you have retrieved all of the files you require from the old package, visit the Account Cancellation Form to request your old package (old domain/username) be closed.

    By doing this you would be responsible for moving all of your files to the new package as well as having to choose a new username for the new package. There is no service fee with this option.
NOTE: No matter which one you choose, your email address will change to the new domain name and, unless you order your old domain name as an IR, mail sent to your old email address will not reach you.

For either option, your old/cancelled domain name will not work unless you request another package for it. Without this request the old name will be removed from the servers. The most common package for the old domain name, in situations such as this, is the IRO option. This allows both the new and old domain names to work with the same web site and email. Click here for details.

With the IRO option available, many find that they do not need to change their domain name at all as they simply overlay the new domain name over the old.

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