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Parking & Redirection
Domain Parking
   Price: $25* Setup Fee
  • No Time Limit
  • 1 Catch-All POP3 Email Account
  • QuestMail (Web Based Email)
  • $25 off cost of upgrade
External Redirection
   Price: $25* Setup Fee
  • No Time Limit
  • One Email Alias (Email Forwarding)
  • $25 off cost of upgrade
* Receive a $25 credit when you upgrade to a Full Package!

If you answer Yes to one or more of the following:
  • Have you reserved a domain name that you are not prepared to develop yet?
  • Do you need 2 or 3 Domain Name Servers to be able to register the domain name?
  • Would you like a domain for email purposes only?
  • Have you obtained a domain name to give as a gift?
  • Do you have a web site with a long URL that you would like a simpler domain name for?
Then domain parking or redirection may be the low-cost alternative to full hosting that you're looking for!

Extra Disk Space Domain Parking - Price: $25 Setup Fee
By Parking your domain with FutureQuest, you are able to use the FutureQuest Domain Name Servers to register (or transfer) the domain name so that it will be accessible on the world wide web. With this package the domain will be given one fully functional Catch-All POP email account, with up to 3000 KB (roughly 3 MB) of storage!

For a one-time only $25 setup fee you may leave your domain name parked with FutureQuest for as long as you like. You will incur no monthly fees for this service as there are no other fees associated with domain parking. Later, when you are ready to begin developing the domain you can easily upgrade it to a full package. If you upgrade within the first year of being parked, FutureQuest will place a $25 credit on the full package you upgraded to! This means the entire time the domain was parked with FutureQuest, it was done so for free!

The Catch-All Email POP account is a great addition to the FutureQuest Parking Option. This type of account allows you to receive any and all email sent to your domain, with up to 3000 KB (roughly 3 MB) of storage. In other words your friends, business associates, or whomever may send email to anything@YourDomain.com and that message will arrive in your inbox for you to respond to from username@YourDomain.com.

Additionally the Parked Domain Package includes full access to QuestMail a web based way to access your email! With QuestMail you can access your FutureQuest email account from anywhere you have an Internet Connection!

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Extra Disk Space External Redirection - Price: $25 Setup Fee
Many site owners begin their first web experience using a free hosting service. At some point they wish to get their own domain name, to ease the locating of their web site, but still may not be ready for a paid service. Externally redirecting the domain name to the current web site is often the best solution for these situations.

An Externally Redirected Domain, allows you to point YourDomain.com to a web site that is not hosted on the FutureQuest servers. When a visitor points their browser to Yourdomain.com they will be redirected to another web site of your choice (http://www.someplace.net/else/) and they will be able to see that they have been redirected by looking in their browsers address window.

This package includes a single email alias as well. With the alias, email may be sent to username@YourDomain.com at which point it will be automatically forwarded to your own personal email address, that you define when you place the order.

Once again, if at anytime, during the first year of setting up your External Redirection, you upgrade the domain to a full package, FutureQuest will apply a $25.00 credit towards the full package price. Also note, just like Domain Parking, there are no monthly fees at any time for External Redirections and the FutureQuest Domain Name Servers are provided to you free of charge!

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Extra Disk Space Frequently Answered Questions
Q: May I request my email on a parked domain be forwarded to a different address?
A: Yes! If you would rather your email be forwarded to a different email address you may request this within the comments section of the order form. Simply let us know what address you would like the email forwarded to.

Q: May I request a catch-all account for my externally redirected domain?
A: No, the externally redirected domains are setup for the single alias option only.

Q: May I add extra POP accounts or other features to the Parked or Redirection options?
A: No, the Domain Parking and Redirection options are economically priced for the simple fact that they do what they were designed to do only and by adding more features to them the service becomes more like a full package than the alternative. If you require more features, it is usually best to begin considering the full package options.

Q: Are there any reseller discounts for Parking or Redirections?
A: Yes, a huge discount! All domain Parking and Redirection options are free for resellers, even the setup fee is waived.

Q: Will resellers still receive the $25 credit for upgrading a Parked or Redirected domain to a full package?
A: No, since the reseller was not required to pay the setup fee in the beginning, there is no credit applied.

Q: May I change the location my redirected domain is pointing to at a later date?
A: Yes, as long as the changes are no more than once every three months you need only visit the Service Desk to let us know what address you would like the redirection changed to. This also applies to the email alias.

Q: May I change the content and/or design of the biz card web page on my parked domain?
A: No. The parked domains operate from a single template design and this cannot be modified.

Q: How do I upgrade my parked or redirected domain to a full package?
A: Simply visit the order forms to request the package of your choice. Once confirmed, FutureQuest will take care of the upgrade and send you a detailed activation letter explaining all of the account's new features.

Q: Is there a limit to how many parked or redirected domains I may have?
A: For parked or redirected domains that were not resold there is no limit. For resold parked and redirected domains there is a limit of 300 per year total.

Q: Is there a limit to how much disk space a parked domain may use for email?
A: Yes. Parked domains should not use more than 2 megabytes of disk space at any given time. This is usually enough room for literally hundreds of email messages! Not leaving the mail on the server, after you have retrieved it, is usually the best way to stay within the disk space limits.

Q: Does the Externally Redirected domain have to point to a web site not hosted by FutureQuest?
A: Yes. The redirection package must only be used to point domains to web sites not hosted by FutureQuest. For domains hosted by FutureQuest it is best to consider the IRM/IRO options. For more information on IRMs and IROs click here.

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