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Fully Managed Dedicated QuestServers
Fully Managed Dedicated QuestServer!

There comes a time when a successful web site can no longer be delivered properly within a shared hosting environment. Normally this means the web site must look toward dedicated server solutions to continue.

Often times the site owner is not yet prepared for the many new requirements a dedicated server demands such as the ability to administrate the server's operating system, keeping the server updated with the numerous security patches that are constantly released, paying high hourly rates for technical support and administrative tasks that are above the site owner's current skill set, being available 24/7 to work on the server if something goes wrong, as well as the loss of point'n'click GUI control panels such as is commonly available with shared hosting that enable you to set up email and FTP accounts with ease.

FutureQuest's Managed QuestServer Solution (MQS) solves this dilemma by providing the web site the extra dedicated resources it needs while allowing the site owner to continue nurturing their web site just as they did when it was on a shared hosting account.

The MQS works just like the other full packages available from FutureQuest with the added benefits of enormously higher disk space, bandwidth, and overall resources, by placing your web site on dedicated server that only services your account! With the MQS you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of a dedicated server without having to worry about the administrative tasks, in addition to experiencing no loss of tools such as FutureQuest's exclusive Command'n'Control panel and our superior support services!

As the Site Owner you will also be able to rest easily knowing that FutureQuest's skilled system administrators are taking care of the server's requirements, monitoring, and security patches, at all times. This provides you the time to do what you have been doing all along; taking care of your web site and its visitors!

When it is time for dedicated, but you are not yet prepared to take on the extra tasks required to administrate a dedicated server, FutureQuest's Managed QuestServer Solution is for you!

Managed QuestServer - $179.00/mo
One time Setup fee - $179.00

Backups available at additional charge.
Contact Service@FutureQuest.net for complete details and options.

Included w/ each Managed QuestServer (MQS)

  • 30 GB Disk Space
  • 470 GB Bandwidth
  • 300 POP3 Email Accounts
  • 40 FTP Accounts
  • 50 MySQL Databases
  • Command n' Control
  • Redundant Network Connectivity
  • Direct FTP Access
  • Secure Shell Access
  • PHP 7
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • URL works w/ & w/o 'www'
  • Unlimited Aliases
  • Unlimited Alias Stacks
  • Unlimited Autoresponders
  • Catch-All EMail Account
  • QuestMail (Web Based Email)
  • Pre-installed CGI scripts
  • Two CGI-Bins
  • 15 FREE IRO/IRM Setups
  • ezMLM (mailing list manager)
  • Customizable 404 Page
  • Complete .htaccess Control
  • Automated Password Protection
  • SSI/xSSI/SSL ready
  • Perl & Python
  • Java 2 SDK
  • C, C++
  • mod_rewrite
  • Daily Graphical Statistics
  • Full access to raw log files
  • Full access to script error logs
  • 24/7/365 Tech Support
  • 24 hr automated monitoring
  • Numerous VAS Options
  • 8 Reseller Points

  • Features Explained
    Request The MQS Upgrade Today!

    FutureQuest's Managed QuestServer Solutions are made available to established FutureQuest Site Owners whose sites have outgrown shared hosting or require more customization and flexibility than can be provided in a shared hosting environment. To upgrade an existing package to an MQS, an order can be placed via QuestAdmin.

    During the upgrade process, FutureQuest will work closely with you to keep any disruption with your web site's delivery to a minimum and ensure a smooth transition from the Community Servers to a Managed QuestServer.

    Note: The Managed QuestServers are also available, on a case-by-case basis, to sites that are moving from another host to FutureQuest. If you are considering moving an existing site to FutureQuest and believe that you will require an MQS, please contact us and provide the details of your site's requirements. Once approved, we will provide ordering instructions.

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