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High Capacity Package
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There comes a time when a successful web site can no longer be delivered properly within a shared hosting environment. Normally this means the web site must look toward dedicated server solutions to continue.

Oftentimes the site owner is not yet prepared for the many new requirements a dedicated server demands such as the ability to administrate the server's operating system, keeping the server updated with the numerous security patches that are constantly released, paying high hourly rates for technical support and administrative tasks that are above the site owner's current skill set, being available 24/7 to work on the server if something goes wrong, as well as the loss of point'n'click GUI control panels as are commonly available with shared hosting enabling easy setup of email and FTP accounts.

FutureQuest's High Capacity (HC) Solution solves this dilemma by providing the web site the extra resources it needs while allowing the site owner to continue nurturing their web site just as they did when it was on a shared hosting account.

The HC Solution works just like the other full packages available from FutureQuest with the added benefits of enormously higher disk space, bandwidth, and overall resources by placing these larger sites on special High Capacity Servers that hold less than 20 accounts each!

The site owner will continue to enjoy the ease of administration provided by FutureQuest's Command'n'Control (CNC) panel as well as full access to FutureQuest's Technical Support Services 24 hours per day 7 days a week! As the Site Owner you will also be able to rest easily knowing that FutureQuest's skilled system administrators are taking care of the server's requirements, monitoring and security patches, at all times.

When you need something more than shared hosting provides, but are not yet prepared to take on the extra tasks required to administrate a dedicated server, FutureQuest's High Capacity Solution is for you!

The High Capacity Solution is available for only $85 per month and just like the other full packages FutureQuest offers there is no setup fee!

From the time you confirm your order and submit your first month's payment, FutureQuest will take less than 24 hours to send you the Activation Letter which will give you all of the information you require to begin using your account immediately! Note, if you are an existing Site Owner, FutureQuest will first contact you to schedule a time that is most convenient for you before moving your web site to its new location.
To order the High Capacity Solution click here.

Everything listed below comes included with the High Capacity Solution! If you would like to compare these features with the other packages that FutureQuest offers click here.
14 Gigabytes of Unrestricted Disk Space
Disk Space refers to the space required to store your web page files, graphics, multimedia files, e-mail, and other data that make up your web site (or that you choose to store on the server). The amount of disk space required depends on the size and number of files included within your web site. FutureQuest uses the same header images on just about every page so we only need enough space to store those images once. If we were to use a different set of header images for every page then we would require more disk space. Most well designed web sites do not require more than 10 MB of disk space to operate. However, if the site is also going to offer multi-media files, software for download, active message forums, store backups, or be image intensive such as having an image gallery, (FutureQuest does NOT disallow or "restrict" these types of files like many other hosts do) then more than 10 MB of disk space would likely be required. The High Capacity option offers more than enough disk space for most web sites to operate within and plenty of disk space for most Galleries and other image intensive web sites on top of providing more resources than standard shared hosting is capable of providing.

300 Gigabytes of Unrestricted Transfer/Bandwidth
Bandwidth and/or Transfer are the terms used to measure the amount of data being transferred from your web space account. Each time a web page is accessed, data transfer is generated. This does not directly relate to the number of 'Hits' a web site receives. One single hit to a web page that is 100 KB in size uses the same amount of bandwidth/transfer as 100 hits to a 1 KB web page. Be wary of any host offering a certain amount of 'Hits'. Always look for a transfer allotment when looking for a host. All packages have a bandwidth limit, regardless what the host may be promising you. It is impossible to offer unlimited bandwidth since all of the bandwidth in the world is limited and none of it is free. The amount of bandwidth that will be used greatly depends on the size of the files being delivered from the web site as well as how many visitors there are to the site. A good target size for the average web page is 50kB or less. A single 50kB page could be downloaded for viewing by its visitors almost 21,000 times before using one gigabyte of bandwidth.

75 MySQL Databases
The MySQL database server is the world's most popular open source database. With more than five million active installations, MySQL has quickly become the core of many high-volume, business-critical applications as well as small personal web site applications such as message forums, image galleries, shopping carts and more and it comes included at no extra charge with this package!

40 FTP Accounts
Every full package on the FutureQuest servers has access to their web site 24 hours a day every day! Using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), you will be able to add and edit files on your web site at any time that is convenient for you, and the changes occur instantly! All full packages also include at least one Extra FTP Account. Extra FTP accounts come in handy when more than one person is required to develop different areas of the web site, as a means of restricted access for IRMs, or as a way of offering an open FTP directory for your visitors to download or upload specific files.

325 Fully Functional POP Email Accounts
The smallest full package FutureQuest offers includes 5 POP3 email accounts and the allowances only go up from there! POP3 email accounts have been re- defined by many hosts in that they really are only offering email aliases yet call them POP email accounts. This is not the case with FutureQuest! Aliases and POP3 accounts are very different. An email alias is an account that simply forwards the email to a different account of your choice. Aliases do not permit you to send email from those addresses. On the other hand, a full POP3 email account is for receiving AND sending email. Each POP3 account offered by FutureQuest allows you to use your own domain name for the incoming and outgoing mail servers and functions both ways as a POP email account should.

Let's Encrypt Secure Server Certificate (Free Setup!)
This is a low cost alternative to securing your own Secure Certificate.

While this does provide a truly secured environment for your web site, the certificate can not necessarily verify that the web site is actually owned by the organization that it proclaims to be. For many this cost-effective option is fantastic for the site's requirements. However, if you feel your visitors may be deterred because of this, then a full certificate of your own may be the better option.

QuestMail (Web Based Email)
QuestMail offers Site Owners easy access to all of their FutureQuest email accounts from anywhere they have access to the Internet and a web browser. QuestMail has all of the functionality needed for a web based email client, including strong MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation. Using QuestMail you can compose, send, and receive email with your FutureQuest hosted email accounts directly from the web! QuestMail is based on the SquirrelMail project, a PHP based webmail client. QuestMail works with most any browser, from any type of internet connection. All you need is your email address and password. For more information on QuestMail, please visit the QuestMail Description page.

Dedicated IP Address
Every new Full Package receives its own dedicated IP address! This allows you access to your account via FTP, Secure Shell (SSH), CNC, and the browser, from any location at any time by simply using your IP address even if the domain name is not yet resolving and is also required if you decide that you would like to set up a secure server certificate for your domain name.

Command 'n' Control Exclusive!
The Command 'n' Control (CNC) is your personal link to many of the administrative tasks required to upkeep your web site and email. Via the CNC you will enjoy a pleasantly presented and quick loading control panel that will enable you to easily add, remove, and edit services such as email, mailing lists, web pages, and more! Click here for a detailed explanation of the CNC as well as a live online demo!

FeatureQuest "App Manager" New!
FeatureQuest "App Manager" is a web application installer that provides the simplest way to instantly install and effortlessly manage top web applications, such as WordPress, Forums, Image Galleries and many more...
The FeatureQuest "App Manager" takes care of all the heavy lifting when installing selected applications. No need for FTP to upload the files for the application, the Installer loads the selected application files into your account for you and then walks you through simple and easy to use installation steps.

Option To Add Multiple Domain Names & Web Sites
FutureQuest's Internally Redirected Domain (IR) options allow you to share your main package with multiple other domain names whether you want all of the domain names and email to point to a single web site or each to point to their very own, FutureQuest's IRs can make it happen! Click Here For More Details!

Secure FTP Access
Secure FTP allows you to transfer files much the same as you would with a standard FTP client only better! By using Secure FTP to transfer your files the information transferred is encrypted for added security. Just as FutureQuest recommends SSH, we also recommend using a Secure FTP client over standard FTP. Secure FTP enables you to function the same as you would with standard FTP with the added benefit of encrypting the information as it is sent from one location to the next.

Secure Shell Access
Every full package on the FutureQuest servers has access to their web site 24 hours a day via SSH! Not only do we offer it, we recommend it!

Catch-All EMail Account
FutureQuest understands the importance of email for online interactions. For this reason you may set up any one of your POP email accounts to receive mail even if the name of the address has a typo in it! A Catch-All Email account is an account that will accept any mail directed to your domain name that is not otherwise specified. If you have an email address such as bobby@example.com and someone accidentally sends mail to bob@example.com this email will not be lost or bounced back. Instead it will be automatically directed to your Catch-All account to help save you from losing important messages! After your account has been set up you may enter your CNC at any time to activate the Catch-All functionality and decide which address functions as the Catch-All account, or if you prefer to not use this feature (less spam) you may leave this functionality off.

Built-In Filters Exclusive!
Built-In Filters are pre-installed email filters that can be set up by simply filling in a web based form from within the CNC Email Manager. Capabilities of the Built-In filters include the ability to delete, bounce, or redirect emails that contain pre-selected and user defined types of file attachments, messages over a certain size, or messages sent via a specified IP address or from a particular SMTP sender. Point-n-click simple filters for further control over your email. With Built-In Filters you can quickly block common viruses and other unwanted emails before they ever reach your mailbox!

Custom Filters
Custom Filters provide advanced filtering options for Site Owners who want to run their own scripts and programs on incoming email. Using such filters, site owners can have extremely flexible and powerful control over their email.

SpamAssassin Control Panel Exclusive!
A powerful program designed to recognize and tag email that has the same traits as spam. FutureQuest has pre-installed this software for use with all full packages. SpamAssassin, along with FutureQuest's exclusive control panel, provides options for handling any emails tagged by SpamAssassin. Options provided include whitelisting, blacklisting, customizable subject tags, deleting, redirecting or bouncing the tagged email. This powerful spam filtering software is easily customizable via FutureQuest's exclusive and powerful CNC.

Unlimited Email Aliases
You may set up as many forwarding aliases as you like with any of the full packages offered by FutureQuest. Aliases enable you to forward email sent to YourChoice@example.com to another email account such as Whoever@Wherever.com, automatically!

Unlimited Alias Stacks
An Alias Stack is an email address on your domain that forwards all incoming email that it receives to multiple other, internal or external, email addresses. For example, you may have Sales@example.com forwarded to both SallySalesRep@example.com and JoeMarketer@example.org. This allows both your Sales Rep and Marketing Rep to receive email that was sent to a single easy to remember address.

As another example, you could have You@example.com forward to you@HomeISP.com and you@WorkISP.com which will enable you to receive the email sent to you at multiple other locations.

Unlimited Autoresponders
Autoresponders are very handy little tools, when the need arises to offer a visitor an immediate explanation of a product or service via email quickly and automatically. Autoresponders are a way to have a visitor send an email to a particular address by which they instantly receive a response predefined by you. There are no limits to the number of Autoresponders you may set up within your account when FutureQuest is trusted to host it!

PHP is a tool that enables you to create dynamic web pages. PHP-enabled web pages are treated just as standard HTML pages and you can create and edit them the same way you normally create regular HTML pages. PHP is language that gets things done without having to utilize many scripts to accomplish the tasks! For more information about PHP visit PHP.net

Secure_ModeTM Exclusive!
FutureQuest's proprietary Secure_ModeTM subsystem shatters the barriers imposed by PHP's safe_mode by providing an unparalleled developer and end user operational environment!

Server administrators, especially those operating within a shared environment for hosting communities, have been plagued with the arduous task of deciding what to do with PHP's safe_mode functionality. Traditionally, there are four options for these admins to choose from: a) Turn off safe_mode completely which leads to serious security implications, b) Run every account with their own unique Apache/PHP daemon which is usually unrealistic when considering server loads and stability, c) Require every site owner to run their PHP scripts as a CGI process which again leads to server load and stability issues, or d) Enable PHP's safe_mode which limits the freedom of site owners choices as to which scripts will and will not operate on the server. Safe_mode remains a source of contention for which there is no easy solution - that is until now. FutureQuest is the first and only host that currently provides the security of safe_mode without the restrictions!

With Secure_ModeTM there should be no reason for the site owner to make any special script adjustments. When looking for script compatibility, where safe_mode is concerned, safe_mode and its restrictive behavior is off, understanding of course that the security provided by PHP's safe_mode is also provided by FutureQuest's Secure_ModeTM. The only thing that the site owner needs to do is enjoy the functionality of Secure_ModeTM, noting that FutureQuest is the only host on the net providing it!

Pre-installed CGI scripts
There are a number of CGI scripts that almost all web sites require. Rather then having to install these scripts yourself, FutureQuest does it for you. This enables you to simply add a few lines of code to your web page without having to worry about the scripting side of things. Some examples of scripts we currently have installed in our library are, guest books, mail forms, counters, clocks, dates, menu redirections, mailing list, and even FAQ!

Two CGI-Bins
If you want to run scripts on your web site you need a CGI-BIN! With every full package FutureQuest offers you get two of them! The first one is yours to install whatever script you would like (providing it does not affect the other sites sharing the server with you) and the second is considered the 'Community CGI-BIN' where we store all of the pre-installed scripts.

ezmlm (mailing list manager) Exclusive!
FutureQuest has pre-installed the powerful ezmlm mailing list for you to use with any of the full packages offered. With ezmlm you are able to easily (and automatically via the CNC!) create various types of mailing lists such as announcement-only lists and general discussions lists. You may set up the mailing list so that only you can send messages out to your subscribers or in such a way that you and your subscribers can send email to each other much like a message forum.

Customizable 404 Page
It's a given that at one time or another someone is going to enter an area of your web site that simply is not there. It is very wise to offer them a way back into your web site! When you activate an account with FutureQuest we provide you with a pre-installed 404.html page. You may edit this page in any way you see fit, offering links back to your home page so your visitors remain on your site rather then drifting off into cyber space all because of a bad link or mis-typed URL.

Automated Password Protection
Via the CNC (Command n' Control panel), provided with each and every full package FutureQuest offers, you may easily point and click your way to password-protected directories. If you have a development-only area of your web site, or a section specifically for family/friends, or possibly a pay-per-view section you'll certainly want to password protect it so the Internet at large cannot gain access to view the contents. With the CNC (or even manually using .htaccess) you will be able to password protect any part of your web site as desired.

Some servers disallow SSI (Server Side Includes), most disallow xSSI (Extended Server Side Includes), and few offer SSSL (Server Side Scripting Language). All three come standard with every FutureQuest Full Package at no charge! This allows you more control over your web site and makes large sites a great deal easier to keep updated.

Daily Graphical Statistics
Statistics allow you to see how your site is doing by answering questions like: Who is visiting? How many visits is my site getting each second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year? What site referred them? What keywords were used in the search engines? With each full package you will receive detailed graphical statistics about your web site that are updated every day of the year! Click here to view an example.

URL works w/ & w/o 'www'
How many times have you gone to SomeDomain.com and received a "Not Found" message only to find out you must type in http://www.SomeDomain.com to get there? You and your visitors will NOT have this limitation when FutureQuest hosts your site! We have configured the servers so that your domain will answer on time, every time, regardless whether or not the visitor used 'http://www.' with the URL or not! YourDomain.com will work just as well as http://www.YourDomain.com does!

Complete .htaccess Control
Every full package FutureQuest has to offer supports standard Apache .htaccess directives (custom error pages and a whole a lot more!). Combine this feature with the numerous other modules we have installed for you and you've got power only limited by your own imagination! Advanced developers will appreciate the freedom provided by FutureQuest.

Perl & Python
Perl is a high-level programming language. It derives from the ubiquitous C programming language and to a lesser extent from sed, awk, the Unix shell, and at least a dozen other tools and languages. Perl's process, file, and text manipulation facilities make it particularly well suited for tasks involving quick prototyping, system utilities, software tools, system management tasks, database access, graphical programming, networking, and world wide web programming. CGI scripts are often written in Perl.

Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language. It is often compared to Tcl, Perl, Scheme or Java. Python combines remarkable power with very clear syntax. It has modules, classes, exceptions, very high level dynamic data types, and dynamic typing.

Java 2 SDK
The Java 2 SDK is a development environment for building applications, and components that can be deployed on the Java platform. Note, this should not be confused with Java Servlets which is not yet offered by FutureQuest. The Java SDK support that is offered allows you to run Java programs as CGI or from the Command Line. Click here to view the documentation.

C, C++
FutureQuest proudly supports, and uses, "GNU" tools, as well as, their excellent 'gcc' C compiler. For those of you with C++ at heart, we offer 'egcs' C++ compilers.

Recommended For ADVANCED Developers Only. mod_rewrite is rightfully dubbed the Swiss Army Knife of URL manipulation! This module provides a rule-based rewriting engine to rewrite requested URLs on the fly. A superior tool for those who know how to use it correctly, yet a dangerous tool for those who do not.

Full access to raw log files
Have another program or script that needs to use the server log files to perform its task? Enjoy studying your log files manually? Need to view your script error logs to help fix bugs in scripts you've installed on your account? You can with FutureQuest! You have full access to the raw log files within your account at all times!

Full access to script error logs
CGI Debugging Logs are a must have, for anyone trying to install scripts within their account! How often have you viewed that ever-dreaded "500 Error" with no hints whatsoever as to what is causing it? With full access to your scripting logs you will have a better chance of finding the clues needed to fix the script and save time in the process!

Less than 24 hour account set up
From the time you confirm your order to the time you are able to begin developing your web site, less than 24 hours will pass. Often times less than even one hour. All new account activations are completed in 24 hours or less every day of the year with FutureQuest!

24/7/365 Tech Support
Tech support is a vital service you should REQUIRE from your hosting provider! FutureQuest understands the needs of a site owner and the importance of quality service in a timely fashion. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, every day, via our exclusive Service Desk (also available via Service@FutureQuest.net).

Technical support, sales, & billing inquiries are serviced at Service.FutureQuest.net where you will find real time message forums, knowledge bases, tutorials, and personal assistance. The Service Desk allows you to reach support representatives from multiple locations across the globe 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This ensures the most qualified person is available for you at all times.

24 hr automated monitoring
The FutureQuest servers are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. This means that if something were to go wrong FutureQuest is made aware of the problem and can begin fixing it immediately before it begins to affect your Internet presence!

Free Upgrades or Downgrades
We want to be sure your virtual server fits your needs and budget at all times. Our options are designed to grow as you grow, with emphasis on providing you with packages that will suit your needs not only now but for the future as well. There are no fees to upgrade or downgrade a package. You are only responsible for the difference between the packages you choose. For example: when moving from the "Prospector Package" to the "Trailblazer Package" you would pay the "Trailblazer Package Price" less what you already paid (but have not already used) for your "Prospector Package" and NO set up fees!

Numerous VAS Options
Click Here to view many of the Value Added Services available for addition to your current full package.

99.5% Uptime Guarantee
If the server your account resides on is down for more than .5% of the month, without a posted advisory, we will credit you 24 hours of hosting per half hour of downtime over. You do not need to notify us to receive the credit. You do not need to prove to us it was down. Unlike 99.5% of the other hosts out there FutureQuest honors its promise to you with pride. We will automatically, without question, apply the uptime credit when our servers have not successfully delivered your web site for at least 99.5% of the month. We're also proud to mention that the majority of our servers currently average 99.9% to 100% uptime each month! You may view the current uptime status, at any time, by clicking here to visit the Current Status Page.

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
To prove our confidence in the services we provide, we are offering a generous 60-day, money back, satisfaction guarantee! If you are not satisfied with our services for any reason and you make the request for your account to be canceled within 60 days of the order you qualify for a refund from FutureQuest! For more information Click Here.

Redundant High Speed Network
FutureQuest's Data Center is equipped with its own fiber optic Ethernet connectivity from Level3, Time Warner Telecommunications and nLayer. FutureQuest's speedy and highly redundant connectivity is enhanced by its numerous carrier class routers, which are all configured with BGP4 for redundancy and full global IP routing views.

Simply put, the FutureQuest servers reside on a highly secured, heavily monitored, network that is really really fast, has plenty of capacity to deliver your web site(s), and is highly redundant to ensure uptime is not only promised but delivered too!! Click here to learn a whole lot more about FutureQuest's Privately Owned Data Center or click here to go directly to the network maps of the top backbone providers from which FutureQuest enjoys priority provisioning.

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