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Domain Parking package

Step 1/3 - Site Information

The next step is to give us some information concerning the domain you would like to be activated as a Domain Parking package.

  * == Required
Site Information
 * Domain Name: (rules)  
 * Registration Type:

  (Change existing package - important notice)
Note: You must maintain an upgraded or downgraded package for a minimum of one month.

 * Desired Username: (rules)  
 * Password: (rules)  
Please provide us with a brief description (25 words or less) of your site. This will appear on your temporary home page. NO HTML
 If you are a reseller: Reseller ID#  

Rules for Domain Names:
Domain names can be up to 67 characters, and can have up to 3 tld's (top level domains).

The http://www is NOT part of the domain name - do not type www.example.com.

You can use only letters, numbers, and hyphens in a domain name, however, the first or last character of a domain name cannot be a hyphen.

The following domain names are valid:
  • domainname.com
  • domainname.com.co.uk
  • domain-name.com
These are NOT valid:
  • domainname.box.sk.co.uk - too many tld's
  • -domainname.com - cannot start with a hyphen
  • domainname-.com - cannot end with a hyphen
  • www.domainname.com - the www is not part of the domain name

It is strongly recommended that you only place an order for a Domain Name you have already registered and have full control over.

Orders for Domain's that have not yet been registered may be delayed until Registration is completed.

Rules for Usernames:
A username must be between 3 and 15 characters and may contain only lowercase letters (no spaces, or hyphens) and numbers. NOTE: The username cannot begin with the letter 'x' or with a number.

Note: You cannot use sales, webmaster, root, admin, or any username that is already taken. However you will be able to set up additional pop email accounts, if you are ordering a Full Package, with whatever names you like using the CNC.

There is a $50 service fee to change a username once the account has been set up. If the username you have chosen is already taken, activation of the account will default back to your domain name or something close.

Rules for Passwords:

Passwords must be at least 8, and no more than 20, characters long. Passwords must contain at least one number (0-9) and one letter (a-Z). Passwords are cAsE sEnsItIve. Punctuation type characters are allowed. Spaces are permitted in passwords longer than 8 characters. However, no trailing, leading or consecutive spaces are allowed. The | ( ) ` characters and control characters are not permitted.

Note: We do not store the password, and cannot retrieve it if you forget it. If you forget the password submitted you can change it at anytime from the Lost Password Form.

Rules for IRM directory names:
You can choose any name as the subdirectory for the IRM's files (or DS-IRM's files), however it cannot contain a period. The subdirectory does not have to resemble the IRM's domain name, although that may be convenient. When specifying the subdirectory name, do not include a domain extension, such as .com or .net.

For example, do not specify http://domain.com/NewSite.com/.
Instead use something such as http://domain.com/NewSite/ or http://domain.com/blahblah/.

Reseller ID:
If you are currently a reseller for FutureQuest, please enter your reseller's ID. If not, just leave blank.

If you would like information on becoming a reseller, please visit our reseller information page for details.

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