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Step One - choose a package or service by clicking on its name below.

For a description of each package, see the Packages page.
For a comparison between all packages, see the Compare Packages page.
All prices are noted in US Dollars.

Note: Prices shown below do NOT include any Coupons, Specials, Renewal Rewards, or other potential discounts. You will be given the opportunity to enter a coupon code in a later step. Renewal Rewards for annual service terms will be automatically given at renewal time.

- Web Hosting Packages -
There are seven full packages to choose from. Select the package you would like to order by clicking on its name below.
Package Name   Monthly Price   Prepay 12 Months Setup Fee 
Visionary $8.95 $107.40 Free!
Pioneer $16.95 $203.40 Free!
Prospector $24.95 $299.40 Free!
Trailblazer $33.95 $407.40 Free!
Voyager $41.95 $503.40 Free!
Odyssey $49.95 $599.40 Free!
High Capacity $85.00 $1,020.00 Free!
-- Parking / Redirection --
If you are not ready for full hosting, you can park your domain for only $25.00. Then, if you choose to upgrade to a full package, you will receive that $25.00 back as credit toward your full package!

Or you can have your domain pointed to your existing site on another server with an ER, or point your Extra Domain to another site hosted on FutureQuest with an IRM or an IRO!
Service Name One time fee
Domain Parking $25.00
External Redirection (ER) $25.00
Internal Redirection (IRM/IRO) (see explanation) $20.00
Subdomain (DS-IRM/IRO) (see explanation) $20.00
-- Value Added Services --
You can add many Value Added Services to any full virtual domain account. Simply click on the service you require below and fill out the form.
Service Name Setup Fee Monthly Price
Secure Server (Let's Encrypt certificate) $20.00 ---
Secure Server (your certificate) $30.00 ---
100 Megs Extra Disk Space Free! $5.00
1 Extra FTP Account Free! $5.00
5 Extra MySQL Databases Free! $5.00
15 Extra POP Email Accounts Free! $5.00
Domain or Username Change $50.00 ---

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